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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Caribbean flavours, as we blend tradition and innovation to create a culinary experience like no other.

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creamy Chicken alfredo Lasagna
Let's Get Cooking.......

A delicious Lasagna filled with tender minced chicken, vibrant spinach, and a medley of herbs and spices, all enveloped in a luscious Parmesan-laden sauce

Hi There! I'm Teri.

A self-taught cook with a passion for amazing food and the entire process of food creation, I have dabbled in the beauty of cooking for years. In 2019, I officially began my journey as the business owner of Teri’s Food Therapy. Since then, I have found so much joy in catering, blogging, recipe creation, product development, and all that surrounds my brand.

As I continue to grow and explore the world of food, I invite you to come along with me. Grab your aprons, sharpen your knives, and prepare your taste buds for a wonderful culinary adventure.

Stay tuned for my first E-Cookbook that will be coming soon 

A Collection of a Few OF My childhood snack faves

Welcome to “Parlour Delights – A Few of My Favorite Childhood Treats.” Join me on a nostalgic adventure as we rediscover the flavors of a few of my favorite homemade snacks from the neighborhood parlours/shops that were a part of all of our childhoods.



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With this collection, you have the opportunity to acquire some of my kitchenware must-haves that I personally use for my daily culinary endeavors. These items are tried and true Food Therapy favorites.